Tara Is Dancing In Wimberly, Texas

Anjali Maazel has been leading a Tara Dance Circle in Wimberly, Texas. The group has lately been working with the Mandala Dance of the 21 Taras, focusing on individual Taras. Their last meeting was celebrating the Gold Tara, All Victorious.

The previous meeting one of the dancers, Dalmara Bayne, PhD, ND and author of Holistic Healing, a Pathway to Wholeness wrote an exceptional observation of her connection with the Tara Dance. This is an excerpt from her writing…

Tara Dancing & The Importance of

Experiential Spiritual Practice

Dalmara is standing first from the Left

Dancing Tara provides the perfect cauldron for an extraordinary spiritual opportunity through a mandalic moving structure and the power of intention. The intent here is to both invoke and embody the “Enlightened Divine Feminine.”

This takes us beyond dogma, interpretation, traditions, and into the realm of pure beingness. As long as we surrender to this intention and do not try and minimize the experience through mental machinations; mistakes and misinterpretations are impossible.

Here is a vehicle that embodies safety and truth at its core; engendering effortless surrender. The form and rituals empower the intent as does our participation, but the intent is paramount. It is what makes this practice universally accessible and of value to anyone and everyone.

I have studied many traditions, engaged multiple practices, and been inspired by the words and actions of numerous teachers, but the one thing I absolutely trust above all is pure experience. As an individual with expanded senses and a fair amount of scientific discernment, I understand the pitfalls of treading into unknown domains; particularly those codified via dogma, but the intent of this practice is pure to its core.

While I have a personal affinity for “Tara” it is just a name which offers definition not limitation; such energies cannot be contained by one tradition for their domain is one of universal truth. And this practice offers us the opportunity to become that truth; if even for a moment we will be given a beacon or guiding light to our true essential-whole-selves.

With enough such moments we will become that beacon offering a light to others. I am so grateful to have encountered this practice and to Prema for both creating it and making it accessible to others, to Anjali for leading the practice in Wimberley, and of course; TARA. Thank you for helping me reclaim my true essence.

Om Tare

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